Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision 

Mission Statement: 

As a community of Christ's disciples, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to help one another strenghten our relationship with Jesus Christ and equip each other to share His Good News through word and sacrament.

Vision Statement:

Our Redeeemer Lutheran Church desires to be a church which makes a difference in South Bend by reaching out to the neighborhood surrounding the church with the comforting Word of the Gospel. Specifically we wish to target youth as we are aware that many children don't know jesus as their Lord and Savior. We want ot serve Christ in serving children and their families.

It is our intention to offer programs, including Vacation Bible School, Bible classes, Sunday School, and special programs, that will be of interest to the un-churched as well as supporting the faith. We desire to meet various needs of the community through youth activities, neighborhood clean-up, and help with physical needs.

How we see mission and vision working together:

Our mission and vision work togther since the church exists in the world, not seperate from it, and all people are God' special creation with whom He desires to have a close and saving relationship. The Word is for all people and it is part of our responsibility to share through loving service as we are able provide it.